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Pavemaster Co., Ltd.

We are specialized professional in road and pavement. We provide complete services from design, construction, maintenance, and decoration. With high-end products, highly-skilled teams, we give our clients the best solutions.

Pavement Construction & Maintenance


Our experienced engineers are keen to build from scratch to a completed high quality road either concrete or asphalt road. We give attention to every detail from sub base, pavement structure, level to slope and drainage.



Pavement Decoration


We are the master of Asphalt Stamp one of the most modern pavement decoration technic that combine the flexibility of asphalt, the strength of hydraulic cement and the durability of acrylic polymer together. With PaveMaster’s pattern stamping technic ordinary asphalt surface will be turned into fantastic tiles or b turned into fantastic tiles or bricked floor almost no limit to patterns and colors. PaveMaster Surfacing System is designed to increase the durability, strength and abrasion resistance our special sealer will protect the colors from harmful UV.

Civil Construction Service

Southern Ring Road

Our Construction Department has been actively in the design, drafting and provide consulting service as well as construction of various project since 2004.